Haydn How To: Patch A Hole In Your Wall
28 May 2019

Haydn How To: Patch A Hole In Your Wall

In an effort to share blogs to help you fix or paint your interior walls, here’s how DAP and Haydn products can help you fix those annoying holes in your walls.

Here’s an easy step by step guide ...

What You’ll Need:

  • Haydn Pro-Edge 50mm Scraper
  • DAP Wall Repair Patch 6'x6'
  • Haydn Pro-Edge Putty Knife
  • Haydn Sanding Block Medium/Coarse Grit
  • DAP Alex Plus Spackling
  • Paint that matches the wall
  • Haydn Trade Blazer 50mm


The Steps:

1. Locate the hole or crack you want to fill. Use a scraper to remove any excess drywall or debris from the area.

2. Choose the right drywall spackle for the hole you are filling, we recommend DAP Alex Plus Spackling. For larger holes caused by nails or bruising, use DAP Wall Repair Patch 6'x6' to create a firm flat surface. For small, thin, recurring cracks, you can use DAP Elastopatch Textured Flexible Patching Compound that will form and flex with your home.

3. Use a putty knife to remove a dollop of spackle from the container.

4. Apply the spackle to the hole or on top of the wall patch. Make sure what you apply is a little thicker than what you are trying to achieve. Sometimes the holes you patch may be deep enough for the spackle to shrink. Having excess on the wall is a good way to prevent any pitting.

5. Let the patch dry. Dry times will depend on the type of spackle used as well as how much is applied. DAP Alex Plus may be sanded or painted in 1 to 5 hours depending on temperature, humidity and depth of fill.

6. Once the patch is dry, use a sanding block to sand the patch flush to the wall.

7. Once the patch is flat, paint over it to blend it into the wall.

8. Admire your handy work!



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