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Constantly evolving and revolutionising the industry, Haydn® has stood the test of both time and Mother Nature. We trust you will enjoy our web experience and welcome your feedback.

Next time you visit your local retailer and want a job done properly, ask for our leading Haydn® brands and you will be guaranteed a better start to a better finish.

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Haydn® Brush Company is the award winning leader, innovator and team of inspired New Zealanders behind the supply and manufacture of all your essential painting and decorating products. In addition to brushes, rollers, painting and decorating equipment, Haydn® also distributes a range of top quality international brands: Rust-Oleum®, Zinsser®, WOOSTER® and DAP®.

Constantly evolving and revolutionising the industry, Haydn® has stood the test of both time and Mother Nature.




Rust-Oleum is the world's most trusted source of protective paints and coatings for both home and industry. Established in 1921, their products have a long and rich history of transforming homes, buildings and vehicles worldwide. Tried and tested by tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts alike for decades, Rust-Oleum products today are the culmination of more than ninety years research and development. That's why Rust-Oleum has become a name synonymous with quality, and why our products remain a favourite for home improvement all over the world.



DAP – You’ll find DAP in all the right places.

MARKET LEADER: With over 150 brands and a 145 year history and a strategic growth plan for the future it stands as a market leader. Finding DAP is easy with over 60,000 retail outlets – DAP is the leader in the industry with 150 brands and 760 products in US, Canada & Mexico. DAP currently exports to over 70 countries on 5 continents.

DAP dominates the home improvement market with over 90% brand awareness with customers and contactor’s. DAP has the leading market share in caulk, sealants & patch and repair as well as contract cement. DAP is based on history, longevity and brand recognition.

INNOVATION: Innovation is everything to DAP – it’s the cornerstone of the business and provides extraordinary growth for the company. Pioneering the development of vinyl spackling. FIRST to market with latex caulk in 1964 which is still used in many products today (first to market is really what DAP does).

Especially in their core products, caulk and sealant categories. There is not an innovation in the last 10-15 years that wasn’t brought to the market by DAP (however… often imitated).





The Wooster Brush Company produces more than 2,000 products for painters of all skill levels.

The Wooster Brush Company was established in 1851 and is one of the oldest manufacturers of paint applicators in the USA.

During nearly 165 years in business, Wooster has established many milestones in the industry.

Wooster has continued this tradition of ground-breaking development and today is known as the top applicator innovator. Some of the most popular brands of painting equipment on the market are made by The Wooster Brush Company.

Wooster Brush has been around for a long time and are very proud of their history… a history that was forged with a “made in America mentality” and passed from generation to generation. It still has important meaning for them today, and hopefully it has value to you.

Surface Shields

In a time where businesses are focused on producing cheaper products to improve profit margin and minimise Quality Assurance to rush items out the door, it’s clear that this is not the Surface Shields® model. 

It’s the job site professionals that matter - those who bust their back day after day to get the job done right. It simply makes sense for us to do the same. These men and woman set the bar for us, especially when it comes to product performance. It is essential that our products are developed to outlast the rugged environments that construction sites present. We model our products after the workers that dig through the pain, long hours and job site elements that fail to slow them down. They are truly tougher than the job site.